The Prickly Post

The Prickly Post

Here at Xander we love cacti. They seem to be the only house plants we are able to keep alive longer than a week, all they need is a little sunshine and water, other than that they are not too fussy.

The little fella above lives in our kitchen with a few friends, we call him spike.

Five cool cacti facts below:

1) Cacti come in all shapes and sizes.  Some of the more interesting ones take the shapes of chandeliers, curled snakes,  starfish, and wrinkled human faces.

2) Peyoti – Heard of it?  Peyotl (Lophophora williamsii), was chewed by Aztecs for its hallucinogenic properties and allowed the shamen to enter into a trance.

3) If in need, it is true that cacti juice can be drank to keep hydrated….but also their thorns can be sterilized with fire and used as sutures.

4) Cacti are generally really easy to propagate…just snap off a part or an existing plant and let it dry or callus for a few days or weeks then plant, the dry end will readily root into a new plant.

5) Except for the genus Rhipsalis which is indigenous to tropical Americas and Africa, the cactus family is exclusively New World  (that is North and South America) in origin.

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