Let’s Get Organised

Let’s Get Organised

I like to write everything down, keeping hand written lists of everything I need to do. As I complete a task, I tick them off my list, nothing is more satisfying than seeing that long list shrink with every tick added.

Hundred of notepads later we realised it was time to change (we have been using far too much paper, I know).

Although important, our decision was not solely driven by our desire to be more eco friendly. It coincided with a very busy period in the evolution of Xander and we found ourselves juggling a myriad of work and personal projects. We have always been very organised but we needed to find a way of managing projects with a more centralised approach.

The nature of the way we are structured means the team working on a project can be in different locations, we therefore already knew the solution would be web based. We looked at a few options but ultimately agreed on two platforms, Slack and Asana.

We use Asana to schedule tasks to specific projects, In each task, we can add notes, comments, attachments, and tags. You can follow projects and tasks, and, when the state of a project or task changes, you get updates about the changes in our Asana inboxes, all of this without the need for email.

Asana has been great, but it is Slack that we have really found revolutionary. Slack is primarily a team communication tool, but it does so much more than that.

On huge thing is massively cutting down on the amount of project email traffic we send. Rather than emailing back and forth we can now keep all of our project messaging and assets in one location, always there, accessible to the whole team.

Slack work’s of the principle of channels, channels can be created for a business, specific project or even just for random chat. It integrates seamlessly with Dropbox, which means we can bring assets from, or send assets to Dropbox very easily.

I am currently writing this post in Slacks “post” feature, I can add it to the appropriate channel for the team to review/edit, once complete I can retrieve it and copy to our website. All of this is wrapped up with great search functionality and integration with Asana (although this can be a little sketchy).

We have moved a long way from our hand written notes, I for one cannot see us going back anytime soon.

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