Face Time…

Face Time…

No not the Apple messaging system, but actually sitting down in front of real people without the aid of an iPad.

Technology has helped us do wonderful things across many spheres of life from medicine to art, but with this has come a society that is slowly losing the time to talk to each other face to face.

We all lead very busy lives, squeezing everything we have to do into tighter windows of opportunity. Social media has enabled us to keep in touch with friends and colleagues we would have otherwise struggled to speak to, but in turn this has made us slaves to our phones and tablets.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as guilty of this as the next man. However, I worry what the valuable spare time I do have is now spent communicating with people through social media rather than talking to them in person.

On more than one occasion I have witnessed families in restaurants sitting silently, each member of the family communicating through their phone with people not present, while around the table there is no interaction with their loved ones.

Are we losing the art of conversation, or are we merely slaves to technology? I think it is probably a bit of both, either way it is a worrying trend.

Should we stem our love of social media? No, we shouldn’t have to, but what we can do is take a couple of hours a day, switch off that phone, TV and iPad so we can talk with friends and family. Whether it is round the dining table or in a coffee shop over a latte, lets join together to bring back the art of conversation.

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